ANS Series - IP 55

Algy Modular Industrial Suite Cubicles

Basic Enclosures

Optional Features

100mm Plinths
200mm Plinths
ANS - Clear Acrylic Sheet - Full Door
ANS - Extra Depth Members
ANS - Fixed 19" Rack Assembly
ANS - Intermediate Mounting Plate
ANS - Partial Mounting Plate
ANS - Set of Side Covers (2 Nos)
ANS - Swing 19" Rack Assembly
ANS - Toughened Glass with Rubber Beading - Full Door
ANS - Width Members
ANS Canopies - 75mm


3 Point Locks
Anti-Vibration Pads
Castor Wheels
Door Limit Switches
Door Stays
Drawing Pockets
Earthing Kits
Eye Bolts
Fans & Filters
Joining Kits
Lighting Support Beams
Quarter Turn CAM Locks & CAM Keys