Algycad from Algypug Enclosures is the first commercially available design automation solution for the enclosure industry. Put simply, AlgycadTM allows customers to easily customise Algypug's standard enclosure products. This includes configuring non-standard enclosure dimensions, cut-outs, and tonnes of other optional features and accessories on a web-based interface.

The benefits of AlgycadTM are huge:

  • Instant quotes for customised products
  • Instant manufacturing documentation, meaning shorter delivery times
  • Elimination of repetitive design work
  • 3D design validation before production
  • Elimination of post-process rework, such as cut-outs and touch-up spray

AlgycadTM also allows customers to maintain a library of their enclosure products, which they can access and order at any time with just the click of the button. Algycad is the ultimate Build-to-Order system. To try Algycad out now, click here to login.

Design Automation Services

In addition to automating and configuring Algypug's standard product range, Algypug also offers design automation services for customers looking to automate their enclosures solutions. Drawing on Algypug's 40 years of experience in designing enclosures Algypug's team of engineers will work with you to:

  • Create the best enclosure solution for your application considering factors such as enclosure air flow & cooling, load bearing, space utilisation, ingress-protection, corrosion, seismic / vibration / other environmental properties, and COST
  • Define the parameters that drive the mechanical properties of the enclosure
  • Configure the product to incorporate these parameters
  • Deliver a completely automated design in the form of a CAD file

To make an enquiry for design automation services, click here